On Live at Pete’s, Silver’s guitar strums, plucks, slaps, and chord progressions are technically spot-on. Warm and seamless, her riffs are original in their respect for the jazz tradition of walking bass lines, seen in the album’s opening track “There’s No Need,” as well as their more modern, layered call-and-response complexities, like on “Well I Guess I.” Silver balances enough of her apparent handle on the formalities of music theory with a unique reverb to hook her listener in for the next track, and the next.

-Nina DeSilva, Boston Hassle

On Observere (Tory's debut album), the diversity and feel of something highly original comes into view, you may want to dance or wail or both, there are more than a few universes of sound tucked away in this painting of an album. 

-Anti Heroine Chic