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Photos by Carter Howe, Brandon Keith, Gabrielle Choiniere, Colette Auger

Boston Music Award-nominee Tory Silver (she/they) is a songwriter and indie rock musician based in Pittsburgh, PA and Boston, MA. Silver released her sophomore LP Slowly in January 2022, which balances stripped musicianship with intricate chord progressions and moody licks. As a songwriter, Silver draws inspiration from life’s quiet consistencies, and her lyrics conjure everyday moments both universal and specific.


Silver boasts an impressive resume of live shows, having toured throughout the Northeast and opened for acts such as The Seratones, Sammy Rae & The Friends, Summer Salt, Katy Kirby, Ezra Furman, and Meg Mac. Slowly is a follow up to Silver's 2018 EP Pepper, which NPR tweeted was the best thing on their October playlist. Silver continues to garner accolades: Boston's WBUR recently named Silver's 2022 Tiny Desk entry, "Golden", one of the best 21 local Tiny Desk entries and she is currently nominated for a Boston Music Award (Best Singer-Songwriter).


"Tory Silver is an exciting and refreshing departure from conventional song-writing with her artful use of dynamics, unique chord progressions, and impressive approach to song-form. She will undoubtedly continue to carve out her space in the musical ecosystem with her captivating live performances and true song-writing talent."

-Irving Gadoury, Pete's Candy Store, Brooklyn

"Tory is one of the city’s most exciting guitarists; in performance, she can hold a room with just her electric in a way precious few people can. Topping the musicianship is her lyricism. Listening to her music reminds me that there’s meaning to be found in everything, especially a pepper shaker."

-Phil Jones, WERS

"Observere is one of those records that hits you right on the first downbeat and never lets you go. It's dirty and dance-able with a genuine vibe of self-expression. This is a record that needs to be listened to in its entirety, from the tasty licks of "There's No Need", to the smooth Latin grooves of "I've Been Stressing", to the stripped down folk of "I Feel Like."

-Brian Varneke, The Deli

"There's plenty of great singer songwriters in the area, but it takes someone really special to have such witty delivery, banter, and comfortability while on stage.

Tory absolutely lights up the room - literally and figuratively with her orange amp, electric guitar, cool tone and observant lyrics. Each song has its own story to tell, and I love waiting for the punchline. There's always an adventure that she takes us on through the melodies and lyrics!"

-Morgan, Willeo Music

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